Padding the textfields

Most of the programmer knows the basic concepts of Objective c. But the “Happy Coding” going to do they describe about “what is the scenario achieved By “Happy Coding” in the platform. That have posted here.
Any Clarification on that, Kindly Comment it.

Add Padding in the textfields.

  • Use “Category” file  to achieve the padding and cursor position pointing.
  • Create a UITextfield category file (.h and .m).

Create Category file from Xcode.

  1. File → New → File… or use ⌘N.
  2. Select Objective-C File.Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.30.56 PM


  1. Type in category name, select File Type: Category, and then select the base class.Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 6.31.27 PM


.h file

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

@interface UITextField (mytextFiled)

- (CGRect)textRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds;
- (CGRect)editingRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds;


.m file

#import "UITextField+mytextFiled.h"

@implementation UITextField (mytextFiled)

#pragma clang diagnostic push
#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wobjc-protocol-method-implementation"
- (CGRect)textRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds {
    return CGRectMake(bounds.origin.x + 10, bounds.origin.y,
                      bounds.size.width - 10, bounds.size.height - 0);
- (CGRect)editingRectForBounds:(CGRect)bounds {
    return [self textRectForBounds:bounds];


After creating the text field in the view controllers then will check the padding is added on the every text field.


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