SEO Tips For Beginners


Beginner to search engine optimization (SEO) you need to understand that there is no magical way to rank your website in the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo. Search engines are governed by complex algorithms and it takes a lot of time, periodically change the algorithms and effort to ‘convince’ them that your website or web page deserves one of the top spots.

There are certain rules you can follow to optimize your website and provide the search engine with the necessary three main signals.

  1. Page Speed Insight (
  2. SEO Sitecheckup (
  3. Quick sprout ( )

Page Speed Insight

Page speed Insight report on real world performance of the page for mobile and desktop devices. Its provides suggestion on how that page can be improved.

Page Speed insight SEO

In PSI, enter the URl of the website and wait until the analysing is completed once it is done we will get the performance of the mobile and desktop device separately. For this webpage , the mobile optimazation is medium.Comparatively the desktop optimization is good.

It also gives details about speed, page stats, optimization which is already present in the webpage.

SEO Sitecheckup

SEO on-page SEO optimization refer to optimize the content of your blog post. Its URL structure and other front end optimization issues that improves your search engine ranking to extract best result ideally you should combine the on-page with off-page SEO.

SEO sitecheckup score

As we have already done SEO Sitecheckup for the webpage. we are getting previous site score. It gives all the details about the meta data, title its description, keywords used in this page.

SEOsitecheck up

As this page is not having header, it status is used and gives suggestion to fix it. Along with header for pages images also need place holders . Let’s fix these two in our next step SEO Sitecheckup also priorities the fixes as

  1. High Priority
  2. Medium Priority
  3. Low Priority

Quick sprout

To get all the fixes done we are using quick sprout. as in SEO sitecheckup we found issues in H1 Header and Image placeholder. Let’s fix it for the page. we can do this by choosing appropriate header from the suggestion given for optimization after all the header are fixed the notification just below turns to green.

Quicksprout SEO

Now the images give the appropriate placeholder and follow the same procedure as H1 header, until the notification below disappears. Don’t forget to publish the changes.Repeat the same process for rest of the pages.

Quicksprout last


Thanks for reading this articles.If any thing need to add. Kindly share it in the comment box.


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